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What are the Different Types of Commercial Water Treatment?

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Water filtration helps to remove contaminants and toxic substances from your water. When it comes to water filters, Butler businesses have a variety of filters to choose from. These types of filters each have their benefits, and you can select your filter based on the different types of waterborne contaminants such as viruses, protozoa, and bacteria, as well as toxic substances such as lead.

The different types of commercial water treatment include:

Reverses Osmosis

This process uses a semi-permeable membrane for filtering a range of waterborne toxic substances and contaminants. This type of filtration helps get rid of contaminants, including heavy metals. This water treatment system is easy to clean and maintain due to its simple design, with only a few parts.

Compared to other types of filtration systems, reverse osmosis uses 4-5 stages of filtration, making it a great choice. Reverse osmosis is one of the safest commercial water treatment methods and will help improve taste and remove impurities from your water.

Carbon Filters

Carbon block and activate carbon filter are one of the most common drinking water filters. These filters can be used on their own or can be incorporated into one of the stages of reverse osmosis or UV filtration system.

These filters work by using activated carbon and carbon block, which act as a magnet to filter out impurities in the water. Carbon filters can be used to remove the odor and taste of chlorine and can also reduce fin particles such as rust sediment.

Water Softeners

This system works through a process of ion exchange, where the sodium in the water is replaced with calcium and magnesium. This reduces the formation of scale in the hot wat system and also improves the production of lather and makes the water more efficient for washing things such as dishes.

When using a water softener, it is recommended to have unsoftened tap water retained in the kitchen for drinking and cooking to keep the sodium content in food and water at a safer level for ingestion.


The process of ultraviolet water disinfection is one of the most effective ways to kill the bacteria found in water. The UV light kills the bacteria by attacking their genetic core, killing or disabling them. This water treatment is also effective at killing viruses and other harmful contaminants that cause disease.

The UV purification process is all-natural and does not use any chemicals or change the taste of the water.

Commercial Water Treatment Options in Butler

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