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Reverse Osmosis Butler

When a lot of people hear about Reverse Osmosis they think about how bottle water is made, well; they are right! In todays era you can actually make bottled water quality water, in your own home!

There are many benefits to this, you will cut down on your plastic consumption and cost savings every year for a start! Installing a Reverse Osmosis system is relatively simple, we come and install a small retaining tank in your basement to hold the pure water so it is ready when you are, and then we come up and install an extra faucet (of your style choosing) with a couple sediment filters under the sink. Some of the filters are for filtrating carbon, sediment, and other microbes that may lurk in your water.

Product Specifications

  • Sediment Filters. Screens out sediments and particles. Various micron size filter are available
  • Manifold Assembly. The single manifold ensures reliability. Houses four separate filter technologies in a unique space saving design.
  • Carbon Filters. Reduces elements that cause water to taste and smell unpleasant, including chlorine taste and odor
  • Reservoir Tank. Durable, high quality, powder coated, steel tank ensures you will have a plentiful supply of refreshing water.

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