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Well Water vs. Tap Water

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Water is an essential part of our lives and can be obtained in a variety of ways. People drink water out of bottles, soften their water, and filter their water for a variety of reasons. With a variety of ways to obtain water, there are also different types of water, such as tap water and well water.

Serving as your premier supplier for water treatment systems is Butler, we’ve broken down the differences between well water and tap water and what you can do to keep your water tasting great!

Well Water

In many cases, individuals who live in rural areas will obtain their water using wells on their land. In other cases, some towns and water supply companies may get their water from deep wells, that have been drilled into the local aquifer.

Well, water usually has a higher mineral content compared to groundwater but will not be corrosive. If you are using well water, you may experience higher levels of calcium and magnesium in your water, causing hard water. This hard water will not harm you but can dry out your skin, cause clothing to fade faster or may leave staining on appliances.

You may want to consider using a water softener to protect your pipes better and make the water more useable for washing.

Tap Water

This type of water is obtained from your town water supply. In many cities and towns, residents are required to get their fresh water from the municipal system, and they are not permitted to use wells. Tap water is thoroughly treated and safe for drinking.

Although this type of water is treated and safe for drinking, you can still benefit from water treatment systems to improve the quality of your water, such as water softeners which can provide you with smooth water and softer skin.

Butler Well Water Treatment and Testing

With well water, it is essential to take proper measures to keep your water safe for drinking, cooking, and washing. To keep your water soft and safe, you can utilize well water treatments. Butler area customers should consider:

Water Softener– This treatment filtrates your water using a resonated media to clear out magnesium, calcium, and a small trace of iron to soften your water.
Iron Filters- Carbon filters are one way to filtrate iron out and other contaminants out of your water to make it safe and pure for drinking.
Annual Testing- With yearly testing, you can ensure that your water remains safe for cooking, drinking, and other uses. Testing can help detect contaminants that may be present in your well water so you can get the correct treatment for your water, improving its overall quality.

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