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There are many interesting things about water softeners that you may or may not already know. You may just think of it as that machine in your basement that eats salt every month. What it really does though it takes the water from your well or city water pipes and filtrates with a resonated media that clears the calcium, magnesium and ever small traces of iron off of your water leaving you with noticeably smooth water and softer skin!

Did you know that water softeners technology is better than ever right now? The technology that we use has new techniques that use a significantly less amount of salt than average systems (being from 10 lbs of salt per rinse down to 6 lbs of salt per rinse) which can save you a bag of salt every ten rinses! There are a multitude of reasons that we install a water softener in homes, call Gary today for a free water test and see if your water qualifies for a water softener system!

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