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Hard Water and Dishwashing

Hard Water Treatment Pittsburgh

Washing dishes is not likely to be anyone’s favorite chore, making it a task many of us would like to complete easily and quickly. When you have hard water, dishwashing can become difficult due to the white residue that hard water leaves behind. This white residue or powder, known as hard water scaling, is caused by too many minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium in your water. 

As your top choice for hard water treatment in Butler, Aqua Solutions has put together some information on hard water and how you can get better quality water for washing dishes, clothes, and drinking.

Issues Caused by Hard Water

Hard water not only leaves an unsightly white residue on your dishes, but it also causes a variety of other problems in your home. When you have hard water, your other household chores can also be affected.

One way hard water affects your household chores; it keeps your dish detergent from effectively cleaning, causing you to scrub and clean dishes by hand rather than allowing them to get cleaned properly in the dishwasher.

Hard water can also affect the life and performance of your appliances. Hard water can cause deposits to accumulate within your appliance and in your home’s pipes. This reduces the effectiveness of your dishwasher or washing machine wash cycles and also lessens the lifespan of the machine.

How to Solve Your Hard Water Problem

To solve your hard water problems, you can install a water softener. With a water softener, your hard water is treated before it reaches your dishes or clothes, allowing them to be washed more efficiently. A water softener also helps to protect your plumbing system and appliances from costly repairs and damage.

Water Softener Services in Butler

At Aqua Solutions, we provide professional installation of water softeners for Pittsburgh customers and those in the surrounding areas. Are you suffering from hard water? Contact Aqua Solutions today and find out how we can help get your water back to normal!

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