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Flushing and Sanitizing Your Water Filtration System

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After an extended shutdown, your water filtration will need to be flushed, sanitized, and cleaned before you can begin using it again. Whether you have a water filtration system for a seasonal restaurant or use an under-sink osmosis system for your vacation home, you will need to flush out your water filters before you can begin filtering again.

When your filter is inactive for a long period, it allows bacteria to grow on the membranes and filter cartridges. This is especially true if the filters have been submerged in water during the period of inactivity.

Instructions for Flushing a Filter That Has Not Been Used for seven days or Less

Whether you have a whole-house or commercial water filter or an under-sink filtration system, you need to flush the system for at least five minutes. To begin, reconnect the filtration system to your water supply. Check your inlet valve for leaks and run water through the filter to a designated drain for at least five minutes. If you have a water filter equipped with more than one outlet port, be sure to run water through each of the outlet ports for a minimum of five minutes. This flushing cycle will help remove any microbiological growth that occurred when the filter was in disuse.

For a reverse osmosis system, the membrane and the filter should be flushed before use. Empty your RO storage tank until the pump that supplies the water to the system turns on. When the pump comes on, flush the RO system for at least ten minutes and allow the water to drain before beginning normal operation. Make sure all outlets are flushed for ten minutes.

Instructions for Flushing a Filter That Has Not Been Used for More than 7 Days

Suppose your filtration system has been in disuse for more than seven days. In that case, you will need to replace all of the filtration elements included in your specific system, including carbon filters, pre-filters, cartridges, and membranes. Once the water has sat stagnant in the filter for longer than a couple of weeks, bacteria has had the chance to grow. By replacing these components, you can continue to have clear and contaminant-free water. In addition to replacing the components, the system will also need to be sanitized.

To clean your reverse osmosis system, you will need a sanitizing product made for filtration systems. Dip a bottle brush into the chemical disinfectant solution and use it to scrub out the inside of the membrane module, filter housings, and the dispensing faucet. By hand scrubbing these components, you ensure that you remove the bacteria and microorganisms that may have begun to grow in the nooks and crannies of the machine.

Replace your RO membrane and the pre-and post-filters, and run water through your filtration system, allowing the filters to flush. Run the sanitation cycle on the system and the tank, and then allow the tank to fill up. Drain the tank and refill it again before use.

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