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Iron Filters Butler

There are many different methods of filtrating iron that we use to purify water on peoples homes, it all depends on the media we use inside the tank, and by manipulating the mechanics of the head to get our results. The system installation is very simple and similar to the installation of a water softener, what we use all depends on the type of issues that you are having with your water, and what all you want solved! Here are some of our most common methods and cleanses.

Single Tank Aeriation System

This is the tank that we most commonly install into homes. It is used by using air to oxidize the manganese, iron, and hydrogen sulfide into small particles so they can be filtrated out. This system used to use two different tanks but now technology allowed us to simplify it down to one singular tank doing two jobs at once.

Manganese Greensand mixture

Iron, manganese, and sulfur are all oxidized into solids so they can be trapped in the filter bed to later be filtered out and cleaned. The media used during this method is sort of a mimic of the actual environment, we use sand and gravel to filtrate the iron and residual particles in your water and will replace the media inside after time.

Carbon Filters

We use carbon because is an excellent absorbent or the chlorine that may lay in your water and permeate a chlorine odor in your water. Activated carbon will absorb all of the contaminates to remove the chlorine odor and then during the back wash cycle is will flush them down the drains!

Calcite Media

We use this because it does a really good job at bringing the ph levels in water up to a containable level where we can allow our systems to filtrate your home water. Calcite is one of more common methods, Calcite is simply just extremely pure limestone that dissolves easily unlike some other media compounds that are used.

Iron Filters Butler

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