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Is City Water Safe?

Most people get their water through a municipal water system. Municipal drinking water is monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The reliability and quality of water can vary from city to city. Less than 1% of the municipal water is used for drinking while most of the water is used for washing clothes, cleaning, bathing, and cooking.

Where Does City Water Come From?Water Treatment Butler

The source of water for most cities and towns comes from lakes, large wells, rivers, or reservoirs, which is then processed at water treatment plants before it is tested for APA compliance. The water is then piped to businesses and homes.  The amount and type of treatment the water goes through varies depending on the city.

Butler Water Concerns

There are a variety of concerns homeowners should consider with their water. Lead is always a concern in many cities but is not as prevalent of an issue in Butler as it is in areas where the lead water lines are still running.

Chlorine and chloramine levels in the drinking water are also a concern. Although water testing is done in Butler, there are some contaminants in the water that are not tested for.

Boil water advisories are another concern when an incident such as a pipe breaking or a treatment system failure that contaminates the water occurs, making the water unfit for consumption. Another common concern is calcium and lime buildup in the water lines, which results in mineral deposits, stains, or white film on faucets and sinks.

Professional Water Treatment Services for Clean, Safe Drinking Water

Although municipal drinking water goes through a variety of treatment and disinfection processes, broken pipes, treatment system failures, and other events can contaminate your water and leave you without safe drinking water.

With treatments such as a water softener, to eliminate the issues caused by hard water such as clogged shower heads, damage to plumbing fixtures and appliance, and clogged water pipes, and a reverse osmosis system to keep your drinking water tasting great, you can combat these contaminants and provide your family with safe, ideal drinking water.

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