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Water Filters

Where Should I Put My Water Softener?

Now that you’ve made the decision to have a water softener installed, it’s time to decide where you want to have it placed in your home. Whether you are considering your full-sized basement, closet, crawlspace, or other areas, there are a variety of factors to consider when you are having a water softener installed. Understanding … Continue reading “Where Should I Put My Water Softener?”

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Flushing and Sanitizing Your Water Filtration System

After an extended shutdown, your water filtration will need to be flushed, sanitized, and cleaned before you can begin using it again. Whether you have a water filtration system for a seasonal restaurant or use an under-sink osmosis system for your vacation home, you will need to flush out your water filters before you can … Continue reading “Flushing and Sanitizing Your Water Filtration System”

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Clean hands

Hard Water vs. Soft Water for Home Cleaning

In most cases, you can tell how dirty your tabletop, countertop, or other surfaces in your home is by looking at it. But there are some things that you can’t see. When it comes to water treatment, it is important to keep in mind that contaminants in drinking water are invisible to the naked eye … Continue reading “Hard Water vs. Soft Water for Home Cleaning”

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Water Filter

How Water Filters Improve Dry Skin

If you have noticed that your skin is dry and irritated, it could mean that you have an issue with hard or unfiltered water. The unfiltered water that you receive from your municipal water supply may contain different minerals or chemicals that can dry out and irritate your skin.

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Industrial UV water filter installation

Maintaining your UV Water Filter System

Your UV purification system is an effective and powerful water treatment method using UV-C radiation to destroy harmful bacteria and other unsafe organisms such as cysts as well as pathogens like giardia ad salmonella.

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Dishwasher with clean dishes

Why Do My Dishes Have White Film on Them?

If you’ve noticed a white film on your dishes after they’ve been washed and dried, it is likely that you have hard water. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to resolve this issue and have your dishes and glasses shiny and clean again in no time!

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Commercial Water Filtration System

Should My Business Have a Commercial Water Softener?

With 85% of the United States affected by hard water, it is likely that many commercial kitchens in the US will struggle with hard water issues throughout their operation. Hard water contains hardness minerals such as iron, magnesium, and calcium, whereas soft water doesn’t have any minerals content. Issues caused by hard water, such as … Continue reading “Should My Business Have a Commercial Water Softener?”

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Shower Head with Hard Water

Is My Shower Damaging My Hair?

Have you noticed changes in your hair’s condition? Does your hair feel a certain way after you’ve washed it? You may think the issues you are having with your hair is due to your current hair care routine, but it is also essential to consider that it could be your water.

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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

What are the Different Types of Commercial Water Treatment?

Water filtration helps to remove contaminants and toxic substances from your water. When it comes to water filters, Butler businesses have a variety of filters to choose from. These types of filters each have their benefits, and you can select your filter based on the different types of waterborne contaminants such as viruses, protozoa, and … Continue reading “What are the Different Types of Commercial Water Treatment?”

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Hard Water Treatment Pittsburgh

Hard Water and Dishwashing

Washing dishes is not likely to be anyone’s favorite chore, making it a task many of us would like to complete easily and quickly. When you have hard water, dishwashing can become difficult due to the white residue that hard water leaves behind. This white residue or powder, known as hard water scaling, is caused … Continue reading “Hard Water and Dishwashing”

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