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Shower Head with Hard Water

Is My Shower Damaging My Hair?

Have you noticed changes in your hair’s condition? Does your hair feel a certain way after you’ve washed it? You may think the issues you are having with your hair is due to your current hair care routine, but it is also essential to consider that it could be your water.

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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

What are the Different Types of Commercial Water Treatment?

Water filtration helps to remove contaminants and toxic substances from your water. When it comes to water filters, Butler businesses have a variety of filters to choose from. These types of filters each have their benefits, and you can select your filter based on the different types of waterborne contaminants such as viruses, protozoa, and … Continue reading “What are the Different Types of Commercial Water Treatment?”

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Lead in Water Butler

How Dangerous is Lead in Water?

Keeping your water safe and clean to drink is essential for your health and the health of your family. Lead and other contaminants can get into your water and can put you and your family’s health at risk.

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